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Transforming human resources to human relations

August 7, 2016

Human resources are supplies that can be drawn upon by a person or organization in order to function productively. The definition is fine, but, the reality? Not so fine. The HR practice results in management becoming a social control network. Really doesn’t have anything to do with productivity. Since human resource…

When I grow up…..

August 3, 2016

Growing up our childhood imaginations run wild. What shall we do as adults? As children we can be dancers, fireman, teachers, biologists, farmers, bicycle builders, carpenters……. Why is it, as children it never occurs to us to be a box in an “org chart”? But for many this is exactly…

Social migration at work

July 26, 2016

Bureaucracies are social control hierarchies. This is drawn as an organization chart, the iconic network image of many companies and government organizations.  Invented during the industrial economic era, the network divides organizations by rank and specialization. It was designed to augment productivity, but, it does not. In fact, it diminishes productivity…