Field notes

Wellbeing occurs whenever we realize that we are living well. We all share the desire to live well with our family and friends. This is our preference and we know that we are living well when we feel love, happiness and tranquility.

We participate in an economy of wellbeing whenever our financial transactions create, conserve and expand social and biological wellbeing. It’s simple. Without a biosphere that sustains living, humans cannot exist and the human notion of economy disappears.

Here are some case studies.


Public health professionals address problems in our society. This case study is an inductive, bottoms-up approach that begins with understanding how health and wellbeing are created in spiritual … More


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Continuous quality improvement

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Social support networks

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Social entrepreneurship and large-scale social systems change

This will make little sense to human resource professionals. In my small business, I recruited people being held in back wards of Oregon’s institutions. We prioritized the most … More