The purpose of social action research is to study, understand, conserve and expand social, biological and financial wellbeing in organizations and communities.

How it works

Social action research begins with no plan. It does not identify problems. Instead, it begins with an invitation for folks to teach me about something they have accomplished that they are proud of. If the invitation is accepted, I listen to one person after another teach me about what they have accomplished.

Soon, patterns and common themes emerge from the collective experience that reveal principles related to social health that create financial and biological wellbeing. Social network mapping is used to measure collaboration –  the social network structure that creates productivity, innovation and wellbeing.

The outcomes

Social action research findings are shared with all of the participants to recognize and reward them for their contributions and collaboration. This improves productivity.

We all come to understand how social, biological and financial wellbeing are produced in a dynamic social system of collaboration, mutual respect, trust, recognition and love.

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