Transforming human resources to human relations

August 7, 2016

Human resources are supplies that can be drawn upon by a person or organization in order to function productively. The definition is fine, but, the reality? Not so fine. The HR practice results in management becoming a social control network. Really doesn’t have anything to do with productivity. Since human resource networks are generating unnecessary stress, heart disease and ill mental health they cant be productive.


An understanding of human relations needs to arise. It will be a significant competency judged on its results: financial, biological and social wellbeing at work. Navigating the transformation is simple. We need only to study valued accomplishments from a human relation point of view. Soon regular reflections shared by the many we listen to emerge. Over time, we begin to develop insights into relational behaviors and their effects on productivity. Here’s a partial list thats come from my work studying productivity in social networks. When the relational behaviors on the right are present we experience social health. We are living healthier lives and we know it. On the left are a list of relational behaviors that create ill being. It is social health that improves productivity.


Hate Love
Mistrust Trust
Aggression Kindness
Control Freedom
Social isolation Social cohesion
Lies Honesty
Abandonment Support
Disrespect Respect
Fear Tranquility
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