Social collaboration is a popular notion. It’s used by so many to refer to how they work with others. But what is it? Why are we attracted to the notion? Social collaboration begins with listening to others. Listening without interruption. Listening without judgment. Listening without preoccupation. Listening because we love listening. Listening is how we learn from each other. In organizations, listening quiets the organization and brings to focus productivity and social health.


When we listen well, there is understanding. Understanding is an interesting notion. After listening to someone, we might say, “Ahh, I understand you now.” But I see understanding differently. Understanding is a comment those we listen to make about our listening. “She understands us.”

When this quality of understanding happens trust emerges in our relationship. We trust others because we realize that they listened to us so they could understand us. And they wish to understand us because of their concerns for our wellbeing. When trusting happens we collaborate. And what do we collaborate on? It could be anything! But what our social collaboration is founded on is our mutual care and concern for our wellbeing.

I have often visualized social collaboration as a circular flow in our relations .

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