Social Productivity is Social Health

Industrial Age productivity theories treat people like resources to be managed through controls governed by demands and expectations made by their employer.

The theory of wellbeing acknowledges we are living systems and value is in the conservation and expansion of living well together which includes our living well with nature.

We prefer to live well from day to day and to live well together.  This is our social wellbeing.

Social systems

These preferences for living well together come to us naturally in networks of conversations that conserve our collective preferences to live well together in a network of network of conversations. I call this a social matrix and from our social matrix we coordinate our work in networks of conversations where everyone in the network accepts everyone else in the network as a contributor to their performance. By simply studying how we do what we do when we accomplish our greatest achievements, we learn that high performance occurs in a intertwining of our networks of conversations that coordinate work and the social matrix where our community, homes and workplaces are integrated through the conservation of our conversations that conserve and expand living well together.