My career began providing community based services for people with developmental disabilities, many of them subjected to atrocious conditions in back wards of state institutions in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

I used an evidenced based approach and data to constantly improve our performance. From 1979 to 1990, my colleagues and I studied productivity on a daily basis so we could constantly improve our collective productivity. I discovered a basic fact. Health and wellbeing are quality, productivity and innovation. Human performance was, and still is, about love, collaboration, mutual respect and caring for others.

Over the past 30 years now, I have invented and developed social action research. My philosophy is quite simple. What makes us all the same is that we are all very different – neurologically. We see a world that we constitute in our multi-sensorial nervous systems. The way we come to understand our worlds and innovate together is through networks of networks of conversations that are loving, open, honest and collaborative.